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1)(Group A) DOD_Nazgul, by kinda a forfeit because nearing the end of the game, Baseball was dropped and Nazgul had the lead so he gets the win.

2)GroupA   DOD_Nazgul gets a victory over DOD_Goku in a Hititie vs Hititie game.

3) group B   DOD_Commander defeats DOD_Master_Man in a tough battle.

4) group B DOD_Tarnsman defeats DOD_Master_Man in a quick, but good battle.

5)group B  DOD_Tarnsman defeats DOD_Commander in a great match in which Commander lost connection in the end.

6)Group A DOD_Baseball picks up a cheap, but quick, win over DOD_Goku

7) Group A DOD_WasteU defeats DOD_Baseball to finish up Baseballs first round. He goes 1-2 and gets 2 points.

8) Group B DOD_Fierce defeats DOD_Master_Man to eliminate him from Group B tournament. He went 0-3 in 3 good games.

9) Group D DOD_Bigdaddy defeats DOD_Sonic in a competitive, but one sided game.

10)Group C DOD_Deacon_X defeated DOD_Webfur in a onesided, quick but good game.

11)group C DOD_Deacon_X defeated DOD_Skull in a good game.

Orange = Group A

Red = Group B

2ND Round-Single Elimination Tournament

DOD_Deacon_X vs DOD_Baseball

DOD_Tarnsman vs DOD_Nazgul

DOD_Commander vs DOD_Fierce_

DOD_Goku vs DOD_BigDaddy