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**3/31/99** There is a new promoted DIT-DOD. DIT_DahMan is now DOD _DahMan.

**3/13/99** DOD_Red13 and DOD_Master_Man have resigned from the clan. Myself and the rest of the DOD's wish them the best of luck. The sudden paranoia of the DOD falling apart is completely uneccesary. The DOD is going through a change and that will take full effect after the meeting we will eventually have. Also the Age Of Kings page and the Laws page has been updated.

**3/6/99** DOD_Waste_U is no longer a DOD and never will be again. DOD_Commander is now the leader of the DIT clan with Fierce as second in command. DOD_Bigdaddy has stepped down as leader of the DOD clan. DOD_Deacon_X is now leader and Bigdaddy is still in the clan, just not as leader any longer.

**2/9/99** 2 new sections have been added; Chat, and  Tournament sections. Please take time to visit both. All new tourney details will be posted in the tournement section.

**2/8/99** DOD_War_God is back with us. Also DOD_Nikon is the newest DIT-DOD graduate. He is in DOD now.

**2/6/99** The DOD are going to hold a tournament. This is not going to be how you are ranked, it is simply a mix between fun and something to base our decisins on who is better, or at least on that day, than who. I will pos these results next to your name but it will not be a full type rank. It is more like a temporary one.

This tournament will be held sometime within the next 3 weeks. I need to get responses from all members who wish to participate, it is mandatory. If you can not make it for some reason, I need to know why. The tournament will be a simple, win and go on tournament. It will be double elimination and will be 1v1 battles. The winner of this tournament will recieve a free copy of your choice of game, which I will send to you by mail. The games are, Rise of Rome,Diablo, Starcraft and the expansion Broodwars will be included, SWAT2, WCW Nitro, Theme Park, War Games, Command and Conquer, and if you want a application, Frontpage 98, Cool 3D, and PaintShop Pro 5.02. Please contact me to let me know what time zone you are in and when you will be available.