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Welcome to the official DOD homepage. I apoligize for not updating but the page will be updated daily now.


Hello everyone, This id dod commander. I need everyone to read this message. I am not only the dod leader now but the dit leader as well, Eeither fierce or sonic will become the dit leader. DOD_Aires Will be my assistant, his old name was dod_cyberbrad. Thank you all for reading and i promise that i will not fail

3/31/99- The Age Of Kings section is working now....check it out. The members section and news section has been updated. DIT_DahMan is now DOD_DahMan

3/13/99- The Laws and Age Of Kings pages have been put up. Also the news section has a few important notes.

3/6/99- There has been an official change in leadership. DOD_Bigdaddy has stepped down as leader for personal issues. DOD_Deacon_X is now leader. Check the news section for more details.